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eHealthCard is a web-based platform to upload, store, refine and accessentirehealth information, including current medical data, health history, prescriptions, medications, lab reports, insurance details, etc.

To get your records digitized and obtain eHealthCard, register on eHealthSystem. Once the registration is completed, user is directly connected tohealth clinics, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and researchers through Livewire technology.

eHealthCard is a portable, cost-effective and feasible way of carrying your medical records that can address inefficiencies of the paper based medical record systems, simplifying maintenance and transfer of patient’s records.This helps inreducing paper waste in-turn improving environmental footprint, thus promoting a go-green and digital mind set.

eHealthSystem Mobile Application

NCORD’s eHealthSystem is accessible through a mobile platform called my-eHealth app, where the medical data of individuals is made available through the app. The app allows 24x7 access to your health information, enabling all healthcare stakeholders to gather and disseminate health and diagnostic information digitally, and empowering health at your fingertips.

My-eHealth App Features
  • Electronic health record on the go
  • Prescribed medication list
  • Book doctor appointment
  • Access pathology reports
  • View prescriptions
  • Panic button for emergency alerts
  • Second opinion facility
  • Find ambulance, doctor, hospitals
  • Request to blood bank & other services
  • Drug directory
  • 185 disease information and videos
  • Upload data
  • Online chat support 24x7
# Extra Charges for Extra MB
* With Extra Charges