Health Days

World Tumor Day- An Awareness

An abnormal growth of tissue or multiple growths of tissues in a particular area with swelling causes tumor. If the tumor is under controlled condition, then it’s easy to cure it, otherwise tumors can be transformed in to cancer.

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YOGA: Live long & Stress free Life

Fusion of soul and individual consciousness is recognized as YOGA. Yoga  creates a potential to unite body, soul and mind with the breathing techniques. Through this, we can improve our life span without undergoing any medication or supplements. Yoga is done for maintaining body posture, weight loss, and curing many diseases like blood pressure, sinusitis and many more.  It is a game of breathing techniques. There are many methods of meditation like Pranayama.

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Say No to Drug, Yes to Health

Drug abuse conjointly plays a major task in several major social issues, like narcotized driving, violence, stress, and abuse.

Habit will cause condition, crime, and incomprehensible work or issues with keeping employment. It harms unmatched babies and destroys families. People get addicted to drugs because of some kinds of mental tension, family tensions, loss in the business, ignorance of their loved ones and other such kinds of problems.

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Doctor’s:Health & Care

The life on earth is full of sorrow & joy. Sometimes we become happy and sometimes we cry. But the most precious gift we have are the doctors. Doctors are similar to god on heaven. They serve their life for healing and caring of other peoples suffering from various diseases and infections.

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Tips & Tricks : To Avoid Hepatitis

Air, water and food the foremost basic and essential a part of our life. It’s possible to live without food for a few days however it’s not possible to survive without water & air for a single day. In our earth, we have 96.5% of the water out of which 2.5% is the fresh water available for drinking purposes. The presence of unhygienic and unsafe water spreads many dangerous diseases like hepatitis.

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Organ Donation: A Gift For Life

Human body is made up of five elements: air, water, soil, fire and space. This unique combination has prepared all organs and delicate configuration of life. The eyes maintains the perfect balance of adjusting objects from near to far in just a small fraction of time. Heart for rhythmic blood circulation, kidneys for filteration.

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I am Alzheimer; Do you remember me?

We all have sweet memories with us. Moreover, these memories come in our mind anytime anywhere. Sometimes they made us to feel happy and sometimes they make us to cry. But, at last we will very much like to recall our memories. However, do you know what Alzheimer is?

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Pharmacy: An Important Element In Healthcare Industry

The union of science &Technique used for preparing and dealing with drugs & medicines is known as pharmacy.

Hippocrates was the first person who explains that disease was caused naturally and not by the influence of any superstition and gods. Due to his extensive research and practice in a field of medicine he is known as “ FATHER OF MEDICINE”. He has also started Hippocratic School of Medicine as his contribution in a field of medicine and clinical science.

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World Leprosy Day

Many of us might have lost the thought of the word ‘Leprosy’, thinking the disease eradicated long back. Unfortunately, suffering still remains. For over more than 60 years, last Sunday of January is observed as World Leprosy day across the world to increase public awareness of the disease.

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World Heart Day

Heart the most precious organ of our body. It is the only body with rhythmic beats, controls the other vital activity of our body. Heart is a muscular organ has four chambers and two valves. The main function of the heart is to pump blood or to circulate oxygenated blood from the heart to all parts of the body and simultaneously to carry deoxygenated blood from other parts of the body to the heart for purification.

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World Cancer Day

35 Facts about cancer

  • The word ‘cancer’ is related to the Latin word ‘crab’ because its finger like projections was similar to the shape of the crab.
  • There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected.
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National Safety Day

National Safety Day, March 4, is the foundation day of National Safety Council, India. NSC is a self-governing body (non profit & non-governmental organization for public service) which was established in the year 1966. The campaign contributes to reduce the rate of industrial accidents & create wide spread safety awareness even in sectors which have not been covered by any safety legislation.

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International Women’s Day

Theme for 2016 is ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality’

Women have always created their own pedestal by facing & conquering challenges in every field. International Women’s Day is a time to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural & political advancements & celebrate the achievements displaying courage & perseverance by ordinary women amongst diversities who played extraordinary part in their own world.

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World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day 2016 theme is ‘Antibiotics off the menu’.

World Consumer Rights Day is an annual occasion to commemorate & encourage solidarity within international consumer movement. Basic rights are promoted & participants protest against market abuse & social injustice which undermine them.

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World Sleep Day

Doesn’t this sound amazing! I am actually talking about sleep day. Some of us might think YA what’s new? We sleep every day. But have we thought about our sleep patterns & the impact it has on our lives?

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